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 kaneka vinyls and chlor-alkali solutions vehicle
Please consult us with your particular requirements. Jun. 27, 2022 Revised the chemical product SDS (Japanese law compliance). Mar. 03, 2022 Updated CPVC, Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetate Copolymers and other pages

 polyvinyl chloride | material solutions unit | business - kaneka
Kaneka began mass-producing the material in 1950 with an integrated production process that extends from vinyl chloride monomer to polymer and special vinyl chloride resin. We have built facilities to produce special vinyl chloride resin in the U.S. and Asia as part of this global-scale business. This group of products, which support daily life ...

 homopolymer pvc | kaneka vinyls and chlor-alkali solutions vehicle
Kanevinyl™ S and KS Series, Kaneka's Homopolymer PVC products, come in a wide range of polymerization, from low to high degrees, and can be used in many different molding methods as rigid and soft applications. Wide-ranging applications, including building materials, electric wires/cables, leather sheeting, industrial materials, lifelines and ...

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 crosslinked pvc | kaneka pvc&chemicals division
Kaneka's crosslinked PVC is a special PVC developed to give a matte finish to films and electric wires, and to prevent blocking of sheeting. It can be molded using a variety of methods including calendar molding, injection molding and extrusion molding, and surface properties can be controlled under a wide range of processing conditions.

 product lineup | kaneka vinyls and chlor-alkali solutions vehicle
Hydrochloric Acid. HYPER-CHLOR™ is a JWWA Class One-Compliant Sodium Hypochlorite for use in the water supply. Kaneka's caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite are characterized by their high quality and low impurity content. Water supply disinfectant. Sterilizer in the food product field. Chemically-reacting oxidant.

 paste pvc | kaneka vinyls and chlor-alkali solutions vehicle
Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Grade Pulverized Products High K Value Grade (PSH) Mid K Value Grade (PSM) Low K Value Grade (PSL) Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Grade Blend Resin Grade (PBM) (Reduced viscosity type) 1): Paste viscosity is typical values measured and recorded in accordance with JIS K7383 and K7117-1.

 kaneka paste pvc - sarco chemicals srl
Kaneka Paste PVC Qualunque sia il tuo settore non esitare a chiederci informazioni in merito ai prodotti che ti necessitano. Il più delle volte riusciamo a risolvere le manchevolezze delle ditte produttrici, avendo anche in esclusiva anteprima, prodotti speciali sostitutivi e o migliorativi ancora non presenti sul mercato Italiano.

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