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 solaris medical - oximeter, monitors & cuffs medical devices - solaris ...
SpO2 Sensors and Adapting Cables NT1D SpO2 Handheld Pulse Oximeter ECG Cables NT1D HCSM Handheld CO2/SpO2 Monitor NIBP Cuff Series Innovation, Flexibility & Reliability Solaris Medical has long insisted on producing high-quality and high-accuracy level products.

 handheld co2/spo2 monitor - solaris medical technology, inc.
SpO2 with Waveforms Data Storage for up to 100 Patients; 72-hour for Each Patient Suitable for Adult, Pediatric, and Neonate Different Configurations: CO2 only or CO2/SpO2 Product Features: SpO2 Measurement Range: 0~100% Accuracy: ±2% during 70%~100% 0%~69% unspecified Pulse Rate Measurement range: 30 – 250 bpm

 solaris spo2 sensor - oem brands monitoring devices:
We provide Reusable SpO2 Sensors, Disposable SpO2 Sensors, Reusable SpO2 Adaptor Cables. Home; Products. NT1A Handheld Pulse Oximeter; NT1D Handheld Pulse Oximeter; NT1D CO2/SpO2 Monitor Series; SpO2 ... SOLARIS SpO2 Sensor products are compatible with the following international OEM brand monitoring devices: BCI. Biocare. Biolight. Creative ...

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 tutti i cataloghi e le schede tecniche solaris medical technology
Cerca le informazioni di cui hai bisogno nei cataloghi e nelle brochure di Solaris Medical Technology, Inc. su MedicalExpo e trovale in un solo clic! Diventa espositore {{>currencyLabel}} Torna indietro ... NT1D-V Handheld SpO2/CO2 Monitor. 2 Pagine. NT1A-V Handheld Pulse Oximeter for Veterinary Use. 2 Pagine. Solaris_SpO2. 2 Pagine.

 solaris_spo2 - solaris medical technology, inc. - pdf catalogs ...
Technical Data ♦ LEDs: Red: 660nm nominal, Infrared: 880/905/940nm nominal ♦ Accuracy: +3 digits (+1 SD), 70-100% Sp02 ♦ Storage and Transport Environment: -40°C ~ +70°C ♦ Biocompatibility: All patient contact materials are latex free and have been tested according to ISOI0993-1.

 it solaris 0c // 7 - food and drug administration
Solaris Medical Technology, Incorporated 'MT ZWO 400 Oyster Point Boulevard, Suite 534 South San Francisco, California 94080 Re: K100077 Trade/Device Name: Solaris Reusable & Disposable SPO2 Sensors Regulation Number: 21 CFR 870.2700 Regulation Name: Accessory to Pulse Oximeter Regulatory Class: LI Product Code: DQA Dated: October 2, 20 10

 spo2 archives - walters medical
Our SpO2 probes are available in either a 3-metre direct connection or a 2-part alternative (using a 2.4m adaptor cable and the probe of your choice with a 90cm lead). Both are available with the following options: OEM compatible Genuine OEM Nellcor, Masimo & GE SpO2 probes and adaptor cables Finger clip probes – adult/paediatric

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